The relationship's broken; you're not.

Don't let a breakup define your worth, peace, or your ability to be in a loving relationship.

For almost twenty years, I've helped people around the world navigate out of relationships with emotionally unavailable and shady people.

Yes, breakups can be tough, but they're made worse by the stories we tell ourselves about the breakup, second-guessing ourselves and what we're experiencing, and sometimes trying to control how we look and how the breakup goes with people pleasing and holding on. Next thing, we're feeling tortured.

How To Break Up takes you through the what, where and hows of breaking up, including what breakups really are (they're not an indictment of your desirability and worthiness!), signs you need to break up, and scripts to help you. Whether you instigated the breakup or not, you need to know how to break up so that you don't wind up repeatedly breaking your own heart.

Create Your NC Plan is a DIY version of my guiding you through understanding what No Contact involves and making a plan for success. Most people trip up with NC because they inadvertently plan for failure and do things off the cuff, which makes it super easy to fall off the wagon and go against themselves. Being honest with yourself about the relationship and breakup as well as what you need and want helps you to back yourself so you can move forward with love, care, trust, and respect.

You can get through this breakup!

Start taking care of yourself today.