Breakups are rarely easy, but they don't have to be devastating.

"How to Break Up" is a powerful two-week course designed to empower you with the tools and mindset shifts needed to navigate breakups with confidence and clarity. It will change the way you think about and approach ending relationships.

What we'll cover

In Week 1, we'll dive deep into the mindset behind breakups. You'll learn:

  • What a relationship and a breakup truly mean

  • Signs that you don't know how to break up and why you need to

  • Relationship and breakup blocks that hold you back

  • Guiding principles for breaking up with love, care, trust, and respect

Week 2 is all about the approach – the practical steps to breaking up. You'll discover:

  • Scripts to help you articulate your reasons for breaking up

  • How to handle situations where the other person isn't listening

  • Strategies for breaking up in various scenarios, from casual dating to complex relationships

  • How to stay true to yourself and your needs throughout the process

If you don't know how to leave, you don't know how to stay.

When you trust yourself, you open yourself up to the right relationship.

With "How to Break Up," you'll develop the tools and confidence needed to take responsibility for your emotions and end relationships in the most caring and respectful way possible. A supportive Facebook community provides ongoing guidance and support.

Don't stay stuck in unfulfilling relationships. Invest in yourself and your future with "How to Break Up." Learn how to break free from the past, create space for genuine love, and navigate breakups with grace and resilience.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Intro

    2. #1 Getting To Grips with the Concept of a Break-up

    3. #2 Your Break-Up Associations

    4. #3 Knowing When To Break Up

    5. #4 The Break-Up Blocks

    6. #5 Let's Talk About The Hurt

    7. What is a Traditional Break-up?

    8. Homework: Identify your break-up associations

    9. Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge exercise

    1. Intro

    2. Making The Decision To Break Up

    3. Check In With Yourself About Your Decision

    4. Sanity Check Your Decision

    5. Body Language & Communication Tips for Breaking Up

    6. Making The Decision To Break Up

    7. How To Break Up - The Scripts

    1. Code Red & Amber Cheat Sheet

    2. Code Amber & Red Cheat Sheet: Do you need to go No Contact?

    3. Code Red & Amber Cheat Sheet: Are you people pleasing?

    1. What is a Traditional Break-up?

    2. Journaling | Tips to Get You Started

    3. The Blame Buster Guide

    4. The Doubt Buster Guide

    5. The Fear Buster Guide

    6. Unsent Letter Guide

    7. Unsent Letter Guide worksheet

About this course

  • £69.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

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