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Like so many of us, I didn't grow up learning about 'self-care'. It took a serious illness and my life coming crashing down to get started. Over the years of self-work and learning to destress and regulate my body, I've picked up and adopted a number of surprisingly quick practices that help me to take care of myself. I find that people overcomplicate self-care and also come up with all sorts of justifications as to why they "don't have the time". All of these practices take no more than 1-5 minutes. Join me as I show you how as I share the behind-the-scenes of how I came to learn these and their benefits. 

The class also includes my popular ebook '100 Days of Baggage Reclaim' as well as the audio version of the class. 

Please note: This class is available as part of my Reclaimer Membership 'all-access pass'.

Course curriculum

    1. Get started with self-care without overcomplicating it

About this course

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  • 0.5 hours of video content